March 5, 2012

Gale and Jeanette Kung

November 24, 2012

Ceremony // San Agustin Church
Reception // Century Park Hotel
Photo // Chapter One Studios 

Experiencing something new is always a challenge, and this was indeed a challenge. Gale and Jeanette is our first Chinese couple. They had a very traditional Filipino-Chinese wedding, complete with a 900+ guest list. 

But in every new challenge comes new learnings. We learned a lot from the Chinese community and how traditional weddings are done. We learned that if you were born in the year of the tiger you are not allowed to enter the bride's room (In our case most of our team were born on that year). And many more traditional chinese beliefs. 

Nevertheless, love was the universal belief that day. Gale's and Jeanette's families have prepared a lot for this occasion and it was evident during the whole day celebration. 

To our lovely couple, may all the love, luck and prosperity be present in your future. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your special day. 

All the best, 
Empire Weddings 

All photos courtesy of chapter one studios

December 7, 2011

Oliver and Aoui Regala

October 12, 2011

Bridal Gown // Aoui Regala and Frederick Peralta
Flowers // Spruce Floral Design
Bridal HMU // Dior Co
Ceremony // Santuario de San Antonio
Reception // Blue Leaf
Photographer // Paul Vincent Photography / Nice Print
Videographer // Nice Print
Band // Sound Salad
Caterer // Bizu

It was a different story with Aoui and Oliver from the very beginning. They were not just any client we met for the first time. They were more like family since Oliver is the brother of Jeo’s sister-in-law. (Jeo is the co-owner of Empire Weddings). It’s a long connection, but still, they are family. We wanted everything to be perfect for them like any family member would want.

Aoui and Oliver wanted their wedding to be simple, elegant and to be a joyous celebration that their guests would enjoy. And indeed, that is what they got! It was not an easy ride for the couple since they both felt that they crammed things. But let us tell you, if cramming can produce a wedding like theirs, then we should all just cram. It’s like getting an A for a test you just studied an hour before.

Add up all the factors and you’ll see why they scored an A. From their perfectly-detailed invitation box, to the elaborate and grand wedding gown, the beautiful fresh flowers, the heartfelt emotions captured in photos and videos, the sumptuous buffet served and the enjoyable rhythm and music. It was simply a day of blissful celebration.

To Aoui and Oliver, you have begun the wonderful journey of marriage, and soon, you will be starting your own beautiful family. There will be troubles ahead, but more joys, happiness and excitement are in store for you. We know that whatever God will give you, the both of you will embrace it whole-heartedly. Cheers to a wonderful beginning and a more colourful life together.

All our best,

Empire Weddings

All Photos Courtesy of Nice Print
Layout and Caption by Empire Weddings

October 28, 2011

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October 19, 2011

Ryan and Kakay de Castro

September 1, 2011

Bridal Gown // Kacci Santos
Ceremony // Santuario de San Antonio
Reception // North Forbes Pavilion
Photographer and Videographer// POD Productions
Caterer // Albergus

Kakay texted me and asked if I can coordinate her wedding. You see, Kakay was a friend from high school so it should have been an easy yes. Then she told me that her wedding was on the first day of September, I glitched and just thought, this is a first and this is a blessing. She was getting married on my birthday.

I never saw Kakay after our graduation since we went our separate ways, but seeing her again during our first meeting felt like we were back in high school. She was as pretty as I remembered. And during her wedding day, she was as lovely as you could wish for a bride. I’m sure Ryan felt the same way.

To Ryan and Kakay, and to the whole family, thank you for always welcoming us with dinner and Contis' cake everytime we meet in your home. You have a great big family and we were lucky to have been part of such a wonderful occasion. I am sure the both of you are so excited to start your wonderful journey ahead, and with little baba on the way, everything will just be as crazy and fun.

All our best,

Empire Weddings

Ryan and Kakay with the M.C. and Empire Weddings

Photos courtesy of POD Productions
Layout and caption by Empire Weddings